Perfect books for the holidays to keep children busy with fun learning activities.


 158 Pages

 ISBN: 978-1501043567



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 Christmas Memory Game

 36 Pages

 ISBN: 978-1514275658




 142 Pages

 ISBN: 978-1501042874


Fun word puzzles, games and activities all centered around Halloween.

 Halloween Memory Game

 36 Pages

 ISBN: 978-1514275542


Fun to color, cut out and play with family or friends.


 140 Pages

 ISBN: 978-1501043437



Halloween Stickers

Do It Yourself

ISBN: 978-1505713053

 Make these to seal your Party Invitations.

Halloween Ornaments

Color- Cut - Hang

ISBN: 978-1507623565

 A fun activity to decorate for Halloween.

Halloween Party  Invitations

ISBN: 978-1505712445

 Color, fold and mail your own DIY Halloween party invitations.

Christmas Stickers

Do It Yourself

ISBN: 978-1505713008


Christmas Ornaments

Color - Cut - Hang

ISBN: 978-1505732368


Christmas Party Invitations

ISBN: 978-1537342306